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Insurance and risk management are security guards on your journey to increase the overall value of your business.


We're experts and are applying for the job. 

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VANTREO Insurance Brokerage

Our goal is to help people be more successful than they would be without us. That means better results, faster. We accomplish this by empowering people and supplying amazing technology.


Here's a little about us...


  • A full service brokerage (business, personal, health, life, HR, training)
  • Access to over 130 insurance carriers
  • Our clients operate locally, nationally and throughout the world
  • Online services fully supported by our in-house tech team
  • Bilingual Spanish - corporate training, open enrollment, translation




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Our Approach

The VANTREO experience is like no other. We've built convenience, efficiency and satisfaction into everything we do.

Our clients often tell us they just wish they'd met us sooner.


Priorities First

You come to us with a question, a need, a timeframe...we start there tackling your priority before anything else. 

Work Smart

Get what you've always wanted...just a lot sooner! We use technology for "instant" and human expertise for everything else.

Create Value

Insurance, risk management, education, services...all working together to increase the overall value of your business.  

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Our Most Popular Solutions


We design everything we do to make life easier for our clients. 
We bring the best of both worlds... great technology and human, hands-on support. 


Let us know your biggest challenge. We're here to help.